Serena Meini

Tel: 0502219500

Dr. Simone Bertini

PhD project Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel cannabinoid receptors allosteric modulators

Research summary: Design, synthesis, purification and characterization of novel organic molecules as potential allosteric modulators of cannabinoid receptors.


Poster communications at congress:

Identification of new PSNCBAM-1 derivatives as CB1 receptor allosteric modulators – Abstract P060, 6th EFMC-YMCS (Athens)

Novel Diaryl Urea Derivatives As Cannabinoid Type 1 Receptor Allosteric Modulators – Abstract P107 26th NMMC (Milan)

Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Novel PSNCBAM-1 Derivatives As CB1R Allosteric Modulators – 39th European School of Medicinal Chemistry. (Urbino)

New potential CB1 receptor allosteric modulators with diarylurea structure – 36th Convegno interregionale Toscana-Umbria-Marche-Abruzzo (Pisa)

Design And Synthesis Of Novel Diarylurea Derivatives As CB1 Allosteric Modulators – 38th  European School of Medicinal Chemistry (Urbino).

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