Lorenzo Flori

Tel: 050 2219529

e-mail: lorenzo.flori@phd.unipi.it

Prof. Vincenzo Calderone

PhD project Title:

Inflamm-aging: Pharmacological modulation of the “H2S system” for the treatment of age-related cardiovascular disorders.

Research summary:

The increase of global life expectancy in the last century is accompanied by a high incidence of age-related chronic diseases such as hypertension, myocardial infarction, cancer and diabetes. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) plays a key role, expecially in cardiovascular aging, because it exerts a physiological cytoprotective activity. Unfortunately, the bioavailability of this endogenous gasotransmitter is reduced in age-related diseases, therefore the pharmacological modulation of the H2S system is an interesting strategy for the treatment of these pathological disorders.


Poster communications at congress:

Flori L., Piragine E., Martelli A., Citi V., Calderone V., Testai L. Ipoglycemic and anti-obesity effect of an Eruca Sativa seeds extract in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome. VIII SYRP: S.I.FIT. YOUNG RESEARCHERS PROJECT “Experimental models for the study of natural products”. Imola, 14 Febbraio 2019.

Flori L., Piragine E., Citi V., Martelli A., Pagnotta E., Ugolini L., Matteo R., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Lazzeri L., Ghelardini C., Calderone V., Testai L. Nutraceutical effects of an Eruca Sativa seed extract in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome. Convegno monotematico SIF “Le basi farmacologiche dei Nutraceutici”. Napoli, 29-30 Marzo 2019.

Flori L., Piragine E., Testai L., Citi V., Martelli A., Pirone A., Miragliotta V., Matteo R., Ugolini L., Pagnotta E., Lazzeri L., Di Cesare Mannelli L., Ghelardini C., Calderone V. Effects of a seed extract of Eruca Sativa Mill. in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome. 39° Congresso nazionale SIF (Società Italiana di Farmacologia). Firenze, 20-23 Novembre 2019.

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