Lara Russo



Lara Russo



Phone: 3270085566



Prof. Maria Letizia Trincavelli, Dr. Chiara Giacomelli


PhD project Title:

Molecular mechanisms of cell differentiation in physio-pathological conditions


Research summary: (max 1000 crt, spazi inclusi)

Cell differentiation is the process in which cells acquire specific characteristics starting from a single type. Although differentiation mechanisms are already known, there is a need to obtain more knowledge about molecular pathways and how they are dysregulated in several diseases. An advancement of state of the art will be useful to approach new therapies for several diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and tissue damages.

My PhD project is then focalized mainly on two aspects of cell differentiation. On one hand, the effects of metal binding to neurotrophins as a regulator mechanism of neuron differentiation. On the other hand, the evaluation of mechanotransduction process and underlying signaling pathways that orchestrate the patient-derived mesenchymal stem cell differentiation in tenocytes to improve the creation of autologous tendon graft.

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