Emma Baglini

Tel: 0502219500
e-mail: emma.baglini@phd.unipi.it

Prof.ssa Sabrina Taliani

PhD project Title:
Design and synthesis of novel small molecules as anticancer agents.

Research summary:
My research project is involved in the design and the synthesis of small molecules, with potential activity against several targets, all implicated in cancer. During the first year a small library of compounds was designed and synthesized. The compounds developed will be tested to prove their biological activity in vitro; once the biological results are obtained, the studies of the structure-activity relationships will allow to design further structural modifications aimed to increase the efficacy of the compounds. Then, various cycles of design, synthesis and biological evaluations will be reiterated, also combining the different point structural modifications that have produced the best results in terms of biological efficacy, with the final goal to obtain compounds endowed with an efficient antiproliferative activity against tumor cells.

Poster communications at congress:
TSPO density assessment in human glioma cell lines using the fluorescent ligand F-PIGA

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