Erica Zucchetti

Tel: 0502219665

Prof.ssa Susi Burgalassi

PhD project Title: Design and validation of reconstituted tissues for testing efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations

Research summary:

The aim of the project is to develop and/or improve in vitro cell-based assays for testing efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations and in particular the ultimate goal is to prepare reconstituted tissues from cell cultures, primary corneal models, similar to native tissues in order to predict the toxicity and permeation of the drugs, as well as reproduce possible diseases related to these areas to improve the understanding of processes that govern them and to study treatment options. The development of tissue models, in addition to simplifying experimentation in pharmaceutical technology, leads to replace, refine and reduce animal testing.


Poster communications at congress:

Interactions of new anticancer agents with biomembrane models: a calorimetric study – (Monti D., Tampucci S., Burgalassi S., Zucchetti E., Digiacomo M., Bertini S., Granchi C., Saccomanni G., Chetoni P.) “4th conference on innovation in drug delivery: site-specific drug delivery” in Antibes (France), 2016.

Pharmaceutical characterization of anticancer agents with innovative mechanism of action – (Digiacomo M., Bertini S., Manera C., Minutolo F., Granchi C., Saccomanni G., Zucchetti E., Monti D., Tampucci S., Burgalassi S., Chetoni P., Macchia M.) “10th young medicinal chemist’ symposium” in Perugia (Italy) 2016.

Gellan Gum-based In-situ Gelling Systems containing Self-Assembling Mixed Nanomicelles: A Novel combined system for the Ocular Delivery of Cyclosporine-A – E. Terreni, E. Zucchetti, D. Monti, S. Burgalassi, S. Tampucci, P. Chetoni (2019). “Nanomedicine International Conference and Exhibition 2019”, International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, October 22-25th

Gellan gum-based in situ gelling systems containing self-assembling nanomicelles for topical ocular delivery of cyclosporine-A – Terreni, E. Zucchetti, D. Monti, S. Burgalassi, S. Tampucci, P. Chetoni (2019). “New challenging in self-assembling drug delivery systems”, XIII A.It.U.N Annual Meeting, Relais Borgo Lanciano, Castelraimondo (MC), Italy, June 13-14th2019.

Reconstituted epithelial tissues and native cornea: A comparison of the influence of surfactants on ocular permeability – Zucchetti E., Monti D., Chetoni P., Tampucci S., Burgalassi S.   “2° Annual Meeting 3Rs in Italian Universities”, Genoa, 20-21 June 2019

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